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Leisure Diagnostic Battery Scorer
updated 7/29/05

LDBScorer Windows Version 3.0 Support Page


1) After downloading or inserting your setup CD disk locate the file titled 'SETUP.EXE' or SETUP.

2) Double click on the SETUP file. Please note that the LDBScorer requires 8.8 megabytes of space on your harddrive.

3) The default folder where the files will be placed is LDBScorer2. You can change the location of the folder.

4) If you have a BETA version of the LDBScorer Windows Version you should over-write the LDBSDB.mdb database. But if you are re-installing this software you should not over-write your database as it will delete all data.

5) Following installation you will be prompted to enter your Agency name.

6) After clicking on FINISH, you will be prompted to enter a NORM GROUP. This is the population group you wish to maintain norm scores for. For example, if you have an adolescent unit simply type in Adolescent Unit. You can enter any number of norm groups.

If you have norm scores from having used LDB or previous versions of LDBScorer go to Step #7.... otherwise skip this step.

7) You can also enter NORM SCORES from data you may have accumulated. Click on NORM SCORE. To enter the norm scores,

a. Choose a norm group, select Adult or Adolescent and Long Version or Short Version
b. Enter the number of clients you have scores
c. Enter the total score
d. Your norm score is automatically calculated

e. Press SAVE to save the scores.

8) Click on SKIP or click on X to close the Norm Score window.

9) The LDBScorer is now installed.


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