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Leisure Diagnostic Battery Scorer
updated 7/29/05

LDBScorer Windows Version 3.0 Support Page

Score the Tests

Using the paper and pencil test that the client took, simply transfer the scores to the LDBScorer.

Scoring is simple and fast.

Short Version, Long Version & Barriers Scale.

Use the 1 to 5 keys or 1 to 3 keys (depending on which assessment you are scoring) for Short Version, Long Version, and Barriers Scale. The keys 1-5, left to right, are laid out similar to the LDB forms. The scores for the Short Version and Long Version are automatically reversed.

Press keys 1-5 for Short Version, Long Version & Barriers Scale.

1 - Strongly Agree
2 - Agree
3 - Neutral
4 - Disagree
5 - Strongly Disagree

Press the number and press the ENTER key to confirm your selection.

For fastest scoring keep your fingers on the 1 to 4 keys (using your pointer finger for the 4 and 5 keys) and your right hand on the ENTER key.

If you make an error you can change the score at anytime. Click on the score you need to correct and simply enter a new score.

After saving the entered scores, you can REDO the entire section by pressing the REDO button.

Scoring the Preference Inventories

The fastest way to score this assessment is to use the mouse.

You can also use the 1 and 2 key (1 for a and 2 for b) or the a b keys. If using the keyboard to enter scores, press the ENTER key to move to the next item.


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