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Leisure Diagnostic Battery Scorer
updated 7/29/05

LDBScorer Windows Version 3.0 Support Page

Add Norm Score

1) If you have a previous version of the LDBScorer or have been scoring and maintaining norm scores by hand you can add the accumulated scores to the NORM SCORER program.

2) Click on SETUP and click on NORM SCORE.

3) Enter your accumulated scores...

a. Choose a norm group, select Adult or Adolescent and Long Version or Short Version
b. Enter the number of clients you have scores
c. Enter the total score

d. Your norm score is automatically calculated

e. Press SAVE to save the scores.

4) Click CLOSE or click on X to close the Norm Score window.

5) You can delete individual norm scores... enter the number zero in the number and total field boxes.

6) You can also completely clear the norm score data. Please the CLEAR button. Be careful, pressing clear will delete all norm score data that is visible on the norm score windows.

7) NOTICE: Norm scores stablize after completing approximately 20 assessments.
For the first 20 assessments that you score you should not judge the client based on the given norm score.

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