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Leisure Interest Survey 2.0
The LIS is an interest inventory that determines the leisure interests of clients and generates a medical-chart ready print-out. In addition to identifying the client's leisure interests, LIS determines the primary type of interest by style and by area. Client data can be saved to disk and a report that shows the interests of all clients can be generated.
Includes two questionnaires
The Leisure Interest Survey includes a 128-item activity inventory and a 26-item questionnaire focusing upon the client's leisure interests and patterns of participation.
Includes an activity mini-encyclopedia
The LIS provides facts and fun information about each of the 128 activities. It provides a Leisure Education resource to the clients as they do the assessment.
User Friendly
The LIS software has easy to use menus and prompts to guide you or a client through the program. Each program disk has an Electronic Manual with which you can learn how to use LIS. With this manual, you may even printout a hard copy of the manual. For those who wants a bound version of the manual, you can order the manual separately.
Program can be used by client as well as the therapist
LIS permits either the client or the therapist to input client scores. If the client is using the program, LIS requires a continuation code from the therapist so that the client cannot explore the remainder of the program and view other client's confidential scores.
Generates professional reports
Once scores are inputted into the LIS program, you can generate a report that is medical-chart ready. You can also printout a feedback sheet that you can give to your client and assist him or her in planning their leisure plan. See sample report printout.
Data base maintains records and generates useful reports
Not only can you quickly search and printout individual client records, you can generate a report of all clients in your database or a report of clients with specific disabilities. With this report, you can determine primary interests of clients within a specified age range and disabilities. Use this report in helping you with program planning decisions and in justifying programming decisions to accrediting bodies such as JCAHO or Medicare.
What you need
To run LIS you will need a minimum of a 286-MHz IBM compatible computer with DOS 3.1 or higher. LIS will run from Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98/2000.
What does LIS Cost?
  • It is FREE